Welcome to The Corn Stores Ltd in Redditch 

We stock a wide range of pet food for all types of animals. All of our food is sold in both small and bulk quantities with a delivery service available and all for a great price! The Corn Store Ltd Sells Dog food and cat food All of the leading brands - we have something to suit every budget. 
In addition to food, we also stock a wide range of pet supplies and accessories, everything from dog cages through to pet beds and toys. 
We also sell a wide range of health care and medical items such as worming and flea treatments etc. 


Our Suppliers: 

Cat Supplies 

We stock complete dry, wet pouches, tins, cat litter, cat litter trays, beds, supplements and accessories from brands JAMES WELLBELOVED, BURNS, BURGESS,FELIX, WHISKAS, 

Dog Supplies 

We have a great range of dog food from complete dry ,tinned, wet pouches, raw and mixers from JAMES WELLBELOVED, ARDEN GRANGE, BURNS, CHAPPIE, DR JOHNS, VITALIN, WAGG, SKINNERS, CHUDLEYS, FOLDHILL and our own PREMIUM COMPLETE RANGE in 15kg and smaller 2kg bags.  
In our store you will find everything you need for your dog with a wide selection of dog beds of all sizes, supplements leads, collars, harnesses, muzzles, natural treats and prepacked. You won’t be disappointed. 

Aviary Bird Seeds 

We have a range of seeds and mixes for all types of birds including budgie, canary, finch, parakeet, parrot, millet sprays and cuttle fish. All of which can be bought in bulk bags or by the kilogram to suit your needs. 

Pigeon Feed 

Our pigeon range is from leading manufactures BUCKTONS and BAMFORDS and all come in 20 kg bags from young bird, super young bird, high protein economy, breeding mix, superwidowhood, depurative, vip and pigeon conditioner and pigeon grit. 

Pond Fish & Aquarium Fish Food 

We have in stock pond fish food in 15kg bags 4mm and 6mm floating pellets, 5kg floating pond sticks, 5kg multi pond sticks and 10 kg carp pellets most of which can be bought in smaller quantities in the shop. 
Aquarian fish food include tropical and cold water in various sizes. We also stock tank water cleaner and pond treatment remedies. 

Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Small Animal Supplies 

We stock rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, rat, chinchilla, degu feeds including BURGESS, SUPREME, MR JOHNSONS, HEYGATES, ALLEN&PAGE with various treats to suit your pet. 
In stock we have excellent quality hutches from 4ft-6ft and runs at 4ft square. Bedding in bulk (bales) or smaller sizes are available same as hay. These can be delivered from us direct to your door. 

Wild Bird Feeds and Supplies 

Our wild bird mix is very popular in 20kg mixed on the premises ready to go. In bulk we also stock a premium no mess wild bird mix, peanuts, sunflower hearts, robin and song bird, black sunflower, nyjer seed, fat balls suet pellets, suet logs and suet jars . 
All of which are all bagged up in smaller various weights to suits your needs. In stock we have various feeders for seeds, sunflower hearts etc to squirrel proof feeders and bird tables 
Also we have live and dried mealworms all year round. 
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